Selborne Chambers Arbitration (“SCA”) is an arbitration service provided by Selborne Chambers as an alternative to Court proceedings.

SCA is designed to assist parties to arrive at a final and binding resolution of their dispute in a simple, expeditious and cost-effective manner, with the assistance of experienced, specialist and neutral arbitrators.

The benefits of arbitration


Arbitration permits the parties to agree on the rules and procedures they wish to apply in accordance with a timetable which suits them.


Arbitration is efficient. No waiting around at Court in the unassigned list. No waiting on the telephone to speak to a member of the Court staff. SCA provides a speedy service upon which the parties can rely, with a single arbitrator presiding over the whole process.


Court-centred litigation is expensive. With the recent increase in issue fees, significant costs are incurred long before the parties even enter a Court room. With SCA, things are very different. Court fees no longer arise. SCA’s fees are clear and transparent, so parties know where they are. In suitable cases, such as low-value claims, SCA will operate on a fixed fee basis.


Unlike Court hearings, the arbitral process is conducted in private and awards are confidential to the parties. Therefore, disputes are not revealed to the public.


An arbitration award provides a greater degree of finality than a Court judgment. In most cases, there is only very limited scope for an appeal under the Arbitration Act 1996. The parties can even agree to eliminate the possibility of an appeal altogether.


An award from SCA is readily and easily enforceable in the Courts, in a manner similar to a Court judgment.
SCA is suitable for a wide variety of disputes, covering the entire range of commercial, chancery and commercial chancery litigation. Our arbitrators have significant experience in many practice areas, including landlord and tenant, real property, commercial and company law, insolvency, construction and engineering, professional negligence, and financial services.