Our first point of contact for anyone wishing to use SCA or wishing to know more about the service is Oliver Ventura. In Oliver’s absence, please email the Clerks.

Our arbitration clerks operate on the basis of the following principles:


The essence of arbitration that the arbitrator should be, and be seen to be, impartial. Accordingly, as soon as the arbitration clerk has received instructions for the appointment of an arbitrator in a particular case, a conflict check will be carried out. This will cover all the prospective arbitrator’s involvements with the parties, their solicitors or other representatives.


Arbitration is a private and confidential process. Parties may be sensitive to any aspect of their dispute being revealed. The arbitration clerk will treat the parties to the arbitration and all involved as private clients, whose dispute is confidential. The arbitration clerk will not reveal any of the details of the arbitration to anyone else without the consent of all parties.


Once the arbitration has commenced, the arbitration clerk will not communicate with only one party to the dispute. Save for exceptional circumstances, the arbitration clerk will where possible use email for communications, copying both parties’ representatives into every communication.