Parties to an arbitration are free to choose their own rules and procedures.

Typically, parties choose to adopt a ready-made set of arbitration rules. To assist the parties, SCA offers three sets of arbitration rules as follows:

The Model Rules

The Selborne Chambers Arbitration – Model Rules (“the Model Rules”) are designed for higher value arbitrations, especially those likely to involve multiple witnesses and a substantive hearing lasting more than one day.

The Documents Rules

The Selborne Chambers Arbitration – Documents Rules (“the Documents Rules”) are designed for when the parties have decided that there is no need for an oral hearing. The dispute is resolved only by reference to the statements of case and the documents submitted by the parties.

The Small Claims Rules

The Selborne Chambers Arbitration – Small Claims Rules (“the Small Claims Rules”) are designed to provide an expeditious and cost-effective means of resolving low value disputes, typically not exceeding £25,000 in value. The Small Claims Rules are not suitable for use in cases which involve complex issues or require examination of a large number of witnesses. The Small Claims Rules involve an uncomplicated procedure which limits the amount of costs recoverable by the parties.

Each set of rules may be modified or altered as the parties see fit.

SCA arbitrators are also familiar with, and prepared to conduct arbitral proceedings pursuant to, other institutional rules, including the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, the LCIA Arbitration Rules, the SIAC Rules, the ICC Rules of Arbitration, the CIETAC Arbitration Rules and the HKIAC Arbitration Rules. For more information, please contact one of our arbitration clerks.